Why You Must Have Responsive Web Design

“Water-like Design” For a Responsive Web Age
The Responsive Web Design can be viewed as, a Website that smoothly accelerates and automatically switches to a technology that reverts as per the user preferences. The metaphor of water is used here to make it even simpler to understand for an amateur. Just like the water taking shape of its container, a responsive website takes the shape of the gadget it’s being operated upon.

Responsive website designer in Minnesota

The root cause of a versatile version of websites lies in the fact, that it should accommodate as per the user’s environment including screen size, the viewport being used, platform etc. If the user switches from smartphone to tablet, or from tablet to laptop, the responsive website should open in the appropriate layout, CSS, the resolution, the content (words, images, tables, audio, forms)etc; and all this done as an ultimatum in the form of losing visitors from one device and gaining in the other. It’s more of an abstract thought transformed to reality, much more beyond viewport and resizing.

Touchscreen over buttons

  • Touchscreen typing is on the go. With it came the ease, reliability and adaptability to get used to touchscreen typing. And hence, many laptops in the market are being modified with this capability that comes with modest keyboard and mouse, but also with touchscreen option.
  • But to implement them, certain design guidelines are to be followed, which isn’t a cumbersome task.

Moreover, in depth knowledge of HTML, CSS, building responsive UI is a challenging hardship.

HTML acts as the basic building brick to a website development.

Long term benefits  

  • A responsive web design acts as saviour and sheds the load of different phases of designing and development for various tech gadgets.
  • It’s an ultimate time, money, saviour.
  • The business only grows if they provide the content to the user as per their consideration.
  • The flexibility of images is such that they can be squished from a larger screen to an iPad automatically without the breakage of the layouts.
  • Engagements of adaptive screen resolution, media queries, layout structure etc are the key to a versatile responsive site.
  • Moreover, adding multiple columns is a great switch to making the skeleton of the content look immaculate.
    1. For large viewports, one can add breakpoints.
    2. A mobile first initiative for design gives a linear layout, for more content specific areas.

From marketing point of view

  • Having said that, responsive web designs are a result to increase the traffic on websites from all devices, hence, the regulation and calculation of traffic go along with it.
  • Almost 61% of visitors will bounce back to Google in order to find a site that is easily loaded and is easily readable.
  • People hate waiting, be it even more than 5 seconds, if it takes that much time for the page to load.
  • Introduction of Accelerated Mobile Pages has led the users to expect the loading of web page on mobile phones faster than desktop computers.

Worth all the investment
In the end, it’s all how to increase the pace through smart devices to lead the competition. Contact Us today!