Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing + SEO will set up, manage and execute digital marketing campaigns that attract more customers to your website. People are searching for your website right now but if they can’t find your site, chances are they will instead be viewing the site of your competitor.

We work directly with you to make certain your site attracts qualified visitors at the lowest possible cost through search engine optimization (SEO), social media and email marketing channels.

Digital Marketing Agency

We develop an Internet marketing strategy for your company that deals with any of the following Internet marketing channels:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Consulting: 400 million web searches are conducted every day. RWeb Consulting helps you determine what your target audience is searching for and make sure they can find your site before that of your competitors.

Social Media Management: We market and manage your social media web pages to increase brand awareness and new customers to your business website.

Email Marketing Consulting: Whether your business already has a customer list or needs to purchase lists, we creates company branded emails used to draw additional visitors to your site.

Search Engines Optimization (SEO)

Using proven search engine optimization tactics, works with you to make certain your website is represented in all major search engines.

Keyword Analysis
Chances are there are hundreds of phrases people search that may relate to your business. starts with a list of over a 20 keyword phrases and through a statistical approach we identify the best keyword phrases to bring visitors more likely to purchase your product or service to your website.

After several dozen target keyword phrases have been identified HighTraffic determines the feasibility of acquiring a high ranking in search engines for those particular keywords. Identifying the competitiveness of keyword phrases is important because it might be extremely difficult to achieve high rankings on general yet popular keywords like, “news” or “restaurants”. In most instances, we recommend targeting more relevant keywords for your business like “technical news” or “Thai restaurants”.

Copy Density
One of the most important factors in having your website listed highly on search engine result pages is to make certain the keyword phrases your business targets are included in website copy. We work with you to make sure at least one web page of your site contains an identified keyword phrase in 15% of the copy. We also recommend giving these keyword phrases special treatment in the website copy such as using special formatting (bolding, bullets, etc), including synonyms of the keyword phrase and linking the keyword phrase other web pages that are related to the keyword.

Index Inclusion and Coverage
New websites, especially when created for new companies, sometimes take time to be listed in search engines. If your website is not optimized it is possible that it will never be listed. submits your website to all major search engines and uses Google’s sitemap tool ensuring Google knows when your website changes and their database needs to be updated.

Other Factors
The above discussion only highlights some of the tactics we employ in our Search Engine Optimization process. To learn more about our process and how we can get you listed in today’s search engines please contact our search engine optimization team.

Email Marketing

Studies have shown email marketing yields the highest return on investment out of any marketing channel available to businesses.

By using the latest technology HighTraffic sets personalized emails (“Dear David White”) and only sends these emails to customers that have already expressed interest in the industry you operate in. If your company already has branded email templates and customer lists we work with several email marketing companies to deliver personalized email messages and real-time reporting.

Branded Templates
We work with your company’s existing marketing and promotional materials to create professionally designed company branded email templates.

We offer full statistical reporting after each email campaign. We then interpret these results in order to increase the effectiveness of your subsequent emailing.