Why You Must Have Responsive Web Design

“Water-like Design” For a Responsive Web Age
The Responsive Web Design can be viewed as, a Website that smoothly accelerates and automatically switches to a technology that reverts as per the user preferences. The metaphor of water is used here to make it even simpler to understand for an amateur. Just like the water taking shape of its container, a responsive website takes the shape of the gadget it’s being operated upon.

Responsive website designer in Minnesota

The root cause of a versatile version of websites lies in the fact, that it should accommodate as per the user’s environment including screen size, the viewport being used, platform etc. If the user switches from smartphone to tablet, or from tablet to laptop, the responsive website should open in the appropriate layout, CSS, the resolution, the content (words, images, tables, audio, forms)etc; and all this done as an ultimatum in the form of losing visitors from one device and gaining in the other. It’s more of an abstract thought transformed to reality, much more beyond viewport and resizing.

Touchscreen over buttons

  • Touchscreen typing is on the go. With it came the ease, reliability and adaptability to get used to touchscreen typing. And hence, many laptops in the market are being modified with this capability that comes with modest keyboard and mouse, but also with touchscreen option.
  • But to implement them, certain design guidelines are to be followed, which isn’t a cumbersome task.

Moreover, in depth knowledge of HTML, CSS, building responsive UI is a challenging hardship.

HTML acts as the basic building brick to a website development.

Long term benefits  

  • A responsive web design acts as saviour and sheds the load of different phases of designing and development for various tech gadgets.
  • It’s an ultimate time, money, saviour.
  • The business only grows if they provide the content to the user as per their consideration.
  • The flexibility of images is such that they can be squished from a larger screen to an iPad automatically without the breakage of the layouts.
  • Engagements of adaptive screen resolution, media queries, layout structure etc are the key to a versatile responsive site.
  • Moreover, adding multiple columns is a great switch to making the skeleton of the content look immaculate.
    1. For large viewports, one can add breakpoints.
    2. A mobile first initiative for design gives a linear layout, for more content specific areas.

From marketing point of view

  • Having said that, responsive web designs are a result to increase the traffic on websites from all devices, hence, the regulation and calculation of traffic go along with it.
  • Almost 61% of visitors will bounce back to Google in order to find a site that is easily loaded and is easily readable.
  • People hate waiting, be it even more than 5 seconds, if it takes that much time for the page to load.
  • Introduction of Accelerated Mobile Pages has led the users to expect the loading of web page on mobile phones faster than desktop computers.

Worth all the investment
In the end, it’s all how to increase the pace through smart devices to lead the competition. Contact Us today!

5 Key Steps to Real Estate Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Step by step SEO

1. Research your keywords:
You want to be ranked high by search engines. But for what search terms? If you are selling “vacation home in Timbaktu” will users who are looking for “real estate in Timbaktu” be of any use? You don’t want just traffic, you want targeted traffic. Choose your keywords wisely. Let is be relevant to your product, your niche.

Choose keywords which are moderately competitive. There might be a lot of visitors looking for “real estate”, but can you compete with all the big shot companies who are also trying for the same keyword. But if you try a too specific keyword, there might not be any visitors from that keyword.

2. Create useful content:
When visitors come to your site, they are looking for something. They want some information or maybe some jewelry. If you don’t have compelling content on your site, will your visitors bother staying? Before visitors and search engines love you, you need to have great content on your site.

3. Optimize your website:
How do search engine know what terms to rank you for? They will analyse your site to determine that. If your webpage has title as “vacation home in Timbactu,” and that term occurs a number of times, there is a overwhelming probability that this page is about “vacation home in Timbactu”. So to optimize your webpage, keep your keywords in the title as well as at some places in the webpage.

However, don’t sacrifice readability to optimize your site. Your visitors come first, search engines are secondary.

4. Get links
Search engines use the number and quality of links to determine how good or popular your site is. If millions of pages link to your site, it is guaranteed to be good.

Getting links is probably the most difficult part as this is not under your control. To get links
1. Submit to relevant directories like DMOZ, Zeal. They take free submissions, but will add only high quality sites. That is why it is important to have great content before trying to get links.
2. Have great content people will willingly link to. If your site offers some information or tools not available anywhere else, people will willingly link to it.

3. Reciprocal linking is dead, that is you linking to some site which links back to you. But if there is a site which is relevant to yours by all means link to it and ask for a link back.

4. Links from related fields count much more than a non related link.

5. Choose your anchor words. If many people link to you with a specific keyword, then your relevancy for that search term increases.

5. Wait
There is no magic pill for overnight SEO success. Even if you do everything right, it takes time before your site ranks high. Have patience. Keep creating great content. Keep getting links. And soon you will see your ranks increase.

I hope you find this real estate content SEO helpful. Thanks for reading!

How to Work with an SEO Company Without Hampering its Progress

Outsourcing to an SEO company for online advertising needs does not mean a company and its employees are left sitting all day waiting for results. A client still needs to participate up to a certain extent with an SEO’s work so that the latter may produce more effective results.

How to Work with an SEO Company Without Hampering its ProgressHowever, some actions on part of the client may do more harm than good to an SEO’s efforts of bringing in more traffic to a website. Understanding how SEO’s work and how it yields benefits for a client should give the latter an idea about which practices they should refrain from that can decrease the efficiency of SEO.

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5 Best Reasons to Write Guest Posts for Online Exposure and Authority

5 Best Reasons to Write Guest Posts for Online Exposures and Authority

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Advanced QR Code Tracking Techniques

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Facebook Campaign Measurement with Google Analytics

Has your company ever launched a cool App on Facebook and wondered if it was worth all the time and effort? By implementing a measurement plan that assigns monetary values to key conversions or actions within your Facebook App enables you to measure individual App performance to objectively gauge the value that the App contributed to the business. In addition, if you run multiple campaigns on Facebook over the course of the year you can compare performance to past Apps.

Facebook Campaign Measurement with Google Analytics

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Blog Optimization: Auditing my own Blog for SEO Best Practices

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Blog Optimization: Auditing my own Blog for SEO Best Practices

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PPC Adwords Optimization with EXACT Phrase Match

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Improving The One-Way BackLinks to Your Website

One of the best ways of improving the popularity of your website is by having more and more websites linking to your website. However, the important thing lies in improving the one-way links that link to your website. This means most backlinks that lead to your website should all come from good websites.

Improving The One-Way BackLinks to Your Website

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How To Market A Website With A Small Budget

Many Internet entrepreneurs start companies with little or no money to build momentum with. While it is certainly true that money makes things easier and accelerates growth, it is not a necessity to become successful. Lack of money is one of the primary reasons so many e-businesses fail, although the failure is not because of an inability to pay expenses. It takes longer to grow a business without money, and many entrepreneurs get discouraged when they do not see results after a short period of time.

How To Market A Website With A Small Budget

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